Born in 1984, Osaka. Lives and works in Shigaraki, Japan.
     Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   B.A. Ceramic
2008     Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan   B.A. Fine Art, Sculpture

2012     “Kunst RAI” Gallery De Witte Voet, Art fair in Amsterdam
2011     “Moon, River” Gallery De Witte Voet, Amsterdam

2017    “Group Exhibition” Xi’an Qujiang Futo International Ceramic Museum, Xi’an, China/ “VOCA 2017 -vision of contemporary art-” Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
     “Dozen Messages 2016” +1art Gallery
, Osaka/ “Have the Life of Your Time” Gallery De Witte Voet, Amsterdam
2015     “The 25th Anniversary of the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park –Earth and Workmanship Project-” Shigaraki town, Shiga/ “Art Court Frontier 2015 #13” ART COURT Gallery, Osaka/ “Kunstschow” Storehouse in the exhibition area, Zeeland/

“40 years Gallery De Witte Voet (1975-2015)” Gallery De Witte Voet, Amsterdam
2014     “7 Ex- Rietveld Artists – now and then-” Gallery De Witte Voet, Amsterdam/ “Kumo-no-Tatemono (a building of clouds)” Q2 building, Kobe/ “(almost) Starting Over” adanda in Coop Kitakagaya, Osaka
2013     “whtat(n)ever” adanda in Coop Kitakagaya, Osaka
2012     “Amstel Park Ode” Het Glazen Huis, Amsterdam
2011     “Polderlicht@home” 17 private addresses in Amsterdam east area/ “Made in China”
De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam/ “Oude kerk 2011, selected student from Gerrit Rietveld Academie” Old church, Amsterdam
2010     “Needful Things” Gallery Boris, Amsterdam/ “Oude kerk 2010, selected students from Gerrit Rietveld Academie” Old church, Amsterdam
2009     “Form and Image” Ministerie van Financien, Den Haag
2008     “Gold-rimmed Form and Image” De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam/ “Framing, Stretching, Inside of ceramic” Buro Rietveld, Amsterdam



2017      FuLu International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM) Residency Program, Fuping, China
      Studio Artist in Shigaraki Ceramic Park, Shiga, Japan
2010      Pottery Workshop Education Centre, 1 month residency, Jingdezhen, China



Kunstschow Award 2015 (shared 1st prize)